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    About me - professionally

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Jane Gatewood


35+ years experience in corporate, charity, voluntary, music & faith sectors including Barclays, Fujifilm, ABB, Technicolor, Gillette, National Children's Bureau, YMCA, Eden, Ignite, and Tileyard  Studios
  • I help individuals, couples and families to fulfill their potential.
  • I love to work with Trustees, Boards, executives and leadership teams.
  • I've founded numerous initiatives and have helped many organisations to grow - one by almost 1000%.
  • I have partnered political, civic, business & faith leaders, entrepreneurs and many seeking to better the lives of others.
  • I have spent a great deal of time supporting men through divorce / breakup; with work / life balance; to build relational acumen and emotional resilience, or improve anger management. I often see guys who do not feel ready for, or have a bias against, therapy or counselling.

What our customers are saying

Dan brings together a suite of skills, experience and insight that have enabled me to develop. David

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Personal Profile

We love building products for you

About me - personally


I live in London and am married with three children.
  • I love to travel, walk, fish, listen to music, and ride my motorbike.
  • Favourite places are Lake Geneva, France, Lords & Ronnie Scotts.
  • I've helped set up a 24-track digital recording studio and was a DJ in London's west end playing to crowds of 1500.
  • I played amateur football winning national honours, then 120 semi-pro caps including an FA Cup appearance. I now run Friday football: 7-a-side founded in 1998.
I spent 7 years as a single-dad after my marriage ended in 2001. This led to a significant personal journey including a leadership and theology diploma, counselling training, supporting other single parents, and encouraging fathers by writing and leading a Dads & Lads course.

My wife and I have been supporting couples considering marriage, especially those blending families as we have done, since 2014. We've written and deliver an extra session for HTB's Marriage Preparation Course which sees 150 couples every term. We are developing this as a resource to be published.

I started my career as a junior making the tea but in just 35 years rose to CEO!

Moreover, I'm a husband, father, and a man of faith. There's much more could be said as I've done many disparate things, failed often, yet achieved much. 

For more information find me on LinkedIn; do read the testimonies / comments from my clients on the Feedback page, and please do get in touch.

What our customers are saying

Great integrity; is motivated by deeply held personal values and has exceptional interpersonal skills. Matt

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What our customers are saying

Dan has been both a friend and trusted advisor for years. I always value his insights. Jon

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