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About me - professionally  

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Jane Gatewood


35 years experience in corporate, charity, voluntary, music & faith sectors: Barclays, Fujifilm, ABB, Technicolor, Gillette, National Children's Bureau, YMCA, Eden, Ignite, & Tileyard  Studios
  • I help individuals, couples and families to fulfill their potential.
  • I love to work with Trustees, Boards and leadership teams.
  • I've founded numerous initiatives and have helped organisations grow - one by almost 1000%.
  • I have partnered political, civic, business, entrepreneurs & faith leaders, Peers, and many seeking to better the lives of others.
  • I have spent a great deal of time supporting men - some through divorce or breakup, work / life balance - others to build relational acumen and emotional resilience, or improve anger management. I often see guys who do not feel ready for, or have a bias against, therapy or counselling.

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Dan brings together a suite of skills, experience and insight that have enabled me to develop. David

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Personal Profile

We love building products for you

About me - personally


I live in London and am married with three teenage children.
  • I love to travel, walk, fish, listen to music, and ride my motorbike.
  • Favourite places: Lake Geneva, France, Lords, Ronnie Scotts.
  • I helped set up a 24-track digital recording studio and was a West-end DJ playing to crowds of 1500.
  • I run Friday football: 7-a-side founded in 1998. Earlier I played amateur football winning national honours; later 120 semi-pro caps including an FA Cup appearance.
I spent 7 years as a single-dad after my marriage ended in 2001. This led to a significant personal journey including a leadership and theology diploma, counselling training, supporting other single parents and encouraging fathers by writing/leading a Dads & Lads course.

My wife and I support couples considering marriage, especially those blending families, as we have done. We've written and deliver an extra session for HTB's Marriage Preparation Course which sees 150+ couples every term. We are developing this as a resource to be published in 2018.

I started my career as a junior making the tea but in just 35 years rose to CEO!

Moreover, I'm a husband, father, and a man of faith. There's much more could be said as I've done many disparate things, failed often, yet achieved much. 

For more information find me on LinkedIn - please do get in touch, Dan

What our customers are saying

Great integrity; is motivated by deeply held personal values and has exceptional interpersonal skills. Matt

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What our customers are saying

Dan has been a friend and trusted advisor for years. I always value his insights. Jon

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