Client feedback:

Charlie Allen, Immersive Telepresence Lead

Dan coached me during an extremely difficult time in my life, helping me see how change and growth was possible on a personal level. I cannot thank him enough. 

Josh Jeffries, Senior Development Coach, Acre

When I started working with Dan two years ago, what struck me most was how much he cares and his commitment to understanding me, my story, and the way I see the world. This and his intuition, drawn from a wealth of experience, enabled such growth. Dan helped me to know me better, and crucially to have grace for myself. I have a greater sense of authenticity and connectedness now, making healthier life choices. Our work, latterly online, built a solid foundation from which I've faced unseen challenges, such as the unexpected death of my mother during a house move, just weeks before discovering we were expecting our first child, all during a global pandemic! Thanks for who you are and all you do, Dan, I've really valued our time working together.

Ms. A, Operations Manager

Dan has been instrumental in helping us to communicate well as a management team and identify any potential threats to our business. Dan ensures everyone is heard and not talked over. He always manages to grasp the points we are trying to make, helpfully translating them into constructive exercises with take-away actions. We look forward to our sessions which have played such a significant part in 'surviving' COVID and growing stronger.

Gaz Matthews, Senior Pastor

Dan and I met when he was appointed as audit consultant to the organisation I lead. This was a daunting prospect yet I quickly realised Dan is someone committed to seeing people grow in their gifts, talents and confidence. There followed monthly coaching sessions that allowed me to delve deeper into areas of leadership requiring attention. All sessions were online and while I was initially unsure about how well that would work, they were really easy and effective. Dan is clear, warm, insightful and excellent at putting you at ease, keeping you on track and encouraging you on your journey. I feel better equipped with greater focus than ever.

Ms. E Halley - Creative Director

My sessions with Dan have been so helpful in getting to understand my thought processes and overcome the personal difficulties that previously hindered my achievements.

P & M - Law & Educational Professionals

We have been meeting with Dan regularly over the last six months for relationship counselling/coaching and have found it invaluable in helping us connect and understand one another better. Dan is a great listener but is also adept at cutting in just when we need it with an incisive observation that often helps unlock a tricky discussion or situation. He uses examples from his own life experience, but only when they truly help shed light on our experiences. We would unreservedly recommend Dan.

James Beattie - Program Administrator, LST

Having sessions with Dan over the past year has made such a difference in my life. I had never received coaching before and I was quite anxious about it. From the start Dan made me feel very calm and welcome, and changed my preconceptions of how I thought coaching would be. I was able to talk and work through issues that had challenged me through life, taking away helpful and practical advice from every session. Dan is so versatile and draws from a wealth of personal experience and I would thus recommend him to anyone.

Harry Leckstein - MD, Tileyard Education

Coaching with Dan was a hugely rewarding experience from a business and personal perspective. Beneath his calm and measured manner, lie decades of life and professional experience and his heart-of-the-matter approach pulls no punches and really enables one to focus on the subject in hand, that had previously only been skirted around. Highly recommended.

Leila B - Asset Manager

Dan genuinely cares about his clients. In a short amount of time he's given me the tools to help rebuild my foundations. I feel I’ve made more progress over the last year, in all areas of my life, than ever before.

Dov Waterman - Composer | Sound Designer | Educator

In just a few sessions Dan saw me through great leaps in gaining clarity and simplicity in my way forward. His council helped me gain insight and deeper understanding into the what and how of my initiatives.

Daniel K - Secondary School Teacher

I was at a junction in my life needing some advice, support and an empathetic ear when a friend at church recommended Dan. I knew I needed to prepare for the next life stage so chose professional support in order to do that well. Dan met all my expectations. He was able to advise, encourage and challenge me based both on his expertise and personal experience. Having started coaching I found a new confidence in my decision making and felt well equipped with new strategies as difficulties arose. The theory of Transactional Analysis was particularly helpful and his win-win-win mantra has applied in a number of situations. Dan is calm, reliable, trustworthy, 100% non-judgmental and easy to talk to. 

I have found coaching a massive help and would fully recommend his services.

Ed Rich - Director, Electrical Contracting

I've been meeting monthly with Dan for over a year. Dan has a holistic approach and in the time we've been working together have explored issues that affect who I am and the choices I make, which has led to a wider reflection recognising and addressing things I've never looked at before. This has had an immensely beneficial effect on who I am as a man, husband, father and small business owner. Dan has a naturally encouraging, gentle and empathetic approach to coaching, sometimes sharing from his own life experiences with candid and disarming honesty. He also employs a scientific approach, utilising such techniques as cognitive behaviour therapy. I've no qualms recommending Dan to anyone who wants to work towards being the best version of themselves they can be.

Adam Helal - Managing Director, 2020 Audio & The Audiobook Producers

Dan has a unique talent. A combination of intuition, clarity of vision, calm reasoning, and an innate ability to turn over the stones that need to be turned over! In a short space of time, just 8 sessions over the last few months so far, his holistic approach has helped me deal successfully with many challenging situations in both my businesses and personal life. He has become a valued friend and life coach.

Mrs Alex Hall - Regional Manager, Message Trust

I find time with Dan incredibly helpful from both a personal and professional perspective. He has always given me the space I need to work through the thoughts in my head, talk around a situation. At the same time he's ready with a spot on question or reflection that helps me move forward with create practical and effective pathways.

Nick Keynes - Partner, Tileyard Studios

Dan was recommended to me when I was interested in help on a business and personal level. He really impressed with the impact of his guidance over just 4 initial sessions. Our 12 months working together has brought an enhanced perspective to my professional environment. Dan is both knowledgeable and intuitive - a rare combination. The benefits to my work / life balance have been significant.  Coaching has seen tangible results, for which I’ve been pleasantly surprised!  All in all I can't praise Dan’s services highly enough.

Chris & Tommy - Cafe Owner / Managers @ Embassy East, Hoxton | Vinyl, Kings Cross

Dan has helped us on a professional and personal level. His guidance, impartiality and sincerity helped cut through unnecessary distractions as we embarked on a challenging career / growth trajectory. Over a period of six months he helped us reach our targets and lay out a clear future plan. His ability to approach any given situation with patience and rationality has been an invaluable source of learning. We now feel better equipped to deal with any challenging situation that might arise, both for our businesses and personally.

Rev Paul Cowley MBE - Founder & CEO, Caring for Ex-Offenders

I would definitely recommend Dan in the area of coaching and mentoring. Dan has an amazing ability to listen and make you feel safe and comfortable. His great wisdom and experience to speak into people’s lives has helped me greatly over the years. Highly recommended ...

Polly Johnson - Team Leader, Eden London

Dan's coaching sessions were invaluable to me. He helped me see how to develop and support the team I was leading. His pastoral nature meant I always felt I could be open and honest and his support enabled me to grow on both a personal and professional level. I always left our sessions encouraged and with a clear idea of how to move forward.

Jamie Boswell - Cameraman

Over the years I’ve known Dan he’s been profoundly insightful regarding my future. Our conversations and these moments have been some of the most important I can remember in making big life decisions. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Jon Burns BEM & CNN Hero - President GEM / Founder Lionsraw 

Dan has been a friend and trusted advisor for years. I always value his insights.

Paul Rose - Director, CHiPS (NGO)

Dan's coaching has been an invaluable resource over the 4 years we've worked together. When we began I was new in my role, starting up a new project in an unknown environment, facing a steep learning curve. Regular sessions with Dan helped me to process learning, find my way through the difficult decisions I had to make, and helped me resolve complicated project, relational, and personal challenges. I've grown hugely under his guidance. Two things have been of particular value: his ability to choose just the right moment and means to guide me into a more reflective mode often revealed an insight or feeling that had been hidden; and especially his generous encouragement when I've doubted myself.

Becky Reid - YMCA Youth & Children’s Programme Manager

I had the privilege of working with Dan from a role as a new manager through to managing a department of 30 staff. Without his support I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the risks and make the decisions I did in my career. In what was often a very lonely journey he provided affirmation and support. He had a way of asking questions and reflecting back that helped me to step back and see things with more clarity and grow in self belief to take the steps I needed to take.

Prince Laryea - Artist / CEO, Acts29

Dan’s counsel has repeatedly proved timely and insightful. I always leave feeling encouraged and having learned something new. An independent voice to help me see the wood from the trees is an invaluable asset to any CEO, senior or middle manager, and this is what Dan provided. I highly recommend him!

Benjamin Wetherall - Founder/Owner/Photographer

Daniel coached and mentored me through a really difficult period. His skills, knowledge, expertise and understanding of the situation, as well as being able to speak from personal experience, really helped me look at things from a different perspective and move forward. I would highly recommend his services!

James Aidoo - Multi-Award Winning Youth Practitioner & Educational Performance Coach

Dan Haigh's contribution to my career has been truly invaluable to me and I have learned so much from working with him. He is deeply conscientious and possesses an adept ability to inspire and invites others to dream big. But I also appreciate that these strengths are accompanied by a well measured realism. Dan is a leader that listens and he exemplifies resilience seemingly effortlessly. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

David Herbert - leader at Roxeth Community Church

I want to highly recommend Daniel as a coach. I've been meeting with him for 18+ months to talk and work through areas of life and work where I'd like to grow and change. It's been incredibly useful for me professionally and personally. He brings together a suite of skills, experience and insight that have enabled me to develop healthily. After more than a decade of Christian ministry, I'm convinced every church leader needs input and investment to sustain them, and enable them to flourish.

Sarah R Pierce - Founder Sohi World | Non-Exec Director

While at RBS I worked with Dan on our sponsorship of the Urban Hero awards, then as a trustee of Eden London. Dan is great at building a culture of encouragement and welcome. His encouragement and praise for the Eden team leaders cultivated a good team work dynamic. He allowed space for creative ideas to be explored and tried out; was generous with his time and his pastoral nature built up those around him. He can organise and run events both large (Urban Heroes event at the Emirates Stadium) and small (team training evenings). 

Matthew Wilson FRSA - Head of Partnerships at TLG

Daniel has great integrity and is motivated by deeply held personal values. He has exceptional interpersonal skills evidenced in handling complex relationship management, stakeholder management and personnel issues.

Stewart Bewley - Director, Amplify

Daniel is a very warm, approachable and caring man, whose integrity shines out in everything he does. It is obvious his life experience enables him to give his all and read people well. Daniel is a deep thinker and is always seeking to encourage and build his team.

Tom Rutter - Kick London, Development Manager

I met Dan in 2002 during planning to launch a Christian football charity - he was a founding Trustee. Starting new things can be daunting, however Dan's strategic skills helped guide me (with a team of others) to birth a dream into reality. Dan would challenge me beyond my comfort zone with an approach that created an environment for me to aspire to be the best that I could be. I am incredibly grateful for Dan's mentoring, coaching and friendship over the years that we worked together. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan’s integrity, expertise and wealth of experience.

Hope Portsmouth / Kings Church

In Spring 2018 we asked Dan to conduct an Organisational Review of Hope Portsmouth / King's Church. Dan's experiences and insights have been invaluable throughout. His fresh perspective and personable approach was particularly helpful in a time of transition for the church & charity, working with trustees, church leaders, and key staff members, highlighting strengths from which to build upon, and areas for ongoing development. We move forward in 2019 with strengthened governance and church leadership.

John McDonnell MP - Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Excerpt from closing comments in a letter of recommendation dated May 2009: 

"Throughout the time I have known Daniel in his work within my constituency (2002-2009) he has displayed a caring compassionate approach to dealing with people no matter how challenging their problems. He is quick to grasp even the most complex of issues and to assess how best a project can be moved forward. He is a skillful motivator and mobiliser of both people and resources."