In person or by Skype, I work with:

Individuals & couples

Leaders & teams

Executives & Boards

Trustees & Charities

Businesses & churches


In summary

I am practiced in integrated coaching, mentoring, counselling and spiritual direction. Please note that while many of my clients appreciate the application of various disciplines to their situation, you may want only one or two of these during our time and work together. Fees for individuals and couples all fall under coaching, however rates for those on low incomes may be negotiable.


Coaching is priced by the session and typically charged at 0.1% of income.


Consultancy is priced by the session, day or project. Day rates from £300.

The conversation brought up some difficult issues for us. We had a long discussion and we ended up feeling much better about these issues than we had done before we came to you. So it was testing but, in the end, very positive and the evening was very helpful for us. Thank you very much. Name withheld